Our belief in the active role of the private sector in advancing sustainable development, Qatar Management Agency opened its first investment in the field of agriculture and livestock production and poultry in the Bulgarian Republic in Eastern Europe.

In the first steps towards investing abroad, the Group has set up Qatar Bulgarian agricultural and livestock investment, which in turn has developed and buy several farms for the production of meat and live heads of cattle and sheep of the best breeds that live in the natural pastures and feed on feed naturally one hundred percent organic, creating an integrated system to raise the living heads and fed and export as well as natural forage production for export.

The company has also succeeded in the early export shipments through the ports of Varna and Burgas in Bulgaria to many state of the Arabian Gulf and Middle East region, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Libyan Republic, Qatar and others. The company is now preparing to start a poultry production as a prelude to also export images in chilled and frozen.

While we take pride in offering the finest Bulgarian meet, currently we aim to cooperate with the Qatari companies in these areas and promote more investment opportunities in food because of its vital role in providing food security for our beloved country and to provide the finest and highest quality food products for the consumer the local market.

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Qatar Management Agency, a member of Qatar Management Group, one of the leading business conglomerates in the State of Qatar. Established in 2008, Qatar Management Group has built and maintained a group of companies encompassing various sectors. The company intends to extend its services across the region and globally to forge strategic partnerships with international companies. With the support of qualified and experienced employees Qatar Management Agency is a single point of contact for national and international clients looking for the right business partner in State of Qatar. Qatar Management Agency Qatar is assigning its business for its two daughter companies - providing logistics solutions and managing livestock and meat import. The company ambitiously continues to plan and develop business ideas, directed also in other production fields.

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